From lectures Kent gave at the Dunham school.
      Much of interest in the study of this nosode. Anthrax is a zymotic disease, a blood poison having in its nature qualities resembling diphtheria, erysipelas, gangrene, scarlet fever with tendency to gangrene. We get effects on human beings by vaccinations; malignant carbuncles. Malignant pustule in man is similar to the anthrax disease in man. Analogy of the symptoms – not of the products. We have no provings of it – but we have studied it from the disease itself, it has been from the dynamic plane and not that of nutrition.
      Smarting, burning & stinging accompany the pathology. Burning like a coal of fire. In thinking of the carbuncle, we think of the pathology; in thinking of the burning, we think of the symptoms. Gangrenous state – eruptions in parts – carbuncles. fistulae oozing pus, oozing of bloody watery flow.
      Blood poisoning form vaccination; inoculation from poisonous hides; malignant pustule; the man soon dies. Anthracinum will cure the disease in a large number of instances. Black circle, the carbuncle burning like fire; the part itself deadline a sphacelus. Slough, black, dead, hard like dried beef, burns like a coal of fire.
      Such a state from blood poisoning; condition when the whole economy is overwhelmed – dies from being benumbed. In a gangrenous limb when there is good & healthy reaction, the gangrenous part is separated by a slough – a line of demarcation. This requires reaction; if reaction does not come it means the whole economy is benumbed & the gangrene spreads towards the centers,; so in carbuncle gangrene spreads from the center.
      Intense heat that burns out the internal cavities; when pus cavities form, it is evidence of health. This is a specific & septic poison – a kind of its own – with tendency to produce carbuncles. Little knotty dead formations no bigger than the end of the finger – black and dead, burning like coals of fire. Black, filled with blood dried down; you wonder how a piece of tissue can die so suddenly. Chill, rigor – it seems as if he would die. No line of demarcation about the dead tissues. Anthracinum – reaction – and he recovered.
      On the back a carbuncles mass the size of a saucer – black, dead, like dried beef; no sensation in the part, but burning about it like a coal of fire. No man should die of carbuncle unless in the last stages of phthisis or diabetes.
      Many of the symptoms are clinical. Deep seated low state, zymosis. Out to be useful in the worst forms of erysipelas; great feebleness, great lack of reaction. Erysipelatous part looks black, burns, withered. Great weakness.
      Ought to be indicated in sore throat where tonsils become gangrenous, ooze a watery blood, great weakness. Suppuration would not indicate this remedy, as suppuration is an evidence of reaction.
      Diphtheria. Parotid gland and throat dusky, blue, dark; breath very foul. Oozing a watery blood from whole mucous membrane of mouth & nose.
      In animals there is extensive swelling of the glands about the neck – hard & black. Blood vessels shrunken & withered as if gangrenous. This state belongs to the disease; such a condition has been called Anthrax quinsy. That which resemblance a malignant pustule does not always come from pustules; they may occur and occur and cause death without inoculation; it may come from a contagion like any other disease. Any one who had a malignant pustule from inoculation would infect anyone who had susceptibility.
      We have no knowledge of disease of animals except in captivity; if wild animals are sick or about to be sick, they are provided with cravings which meet their needs; so cats want catnip. Animals crave things that keep them in health. If the animals were to reason as to whether these things were good for them, they would lose their instinct – for this is what happened with man – he lost his perception.
      Spleen in gangrenous state – greatly affected like Peyer’s glands in typhoid. In man only one pustule, in animals many. As the pustule dries down, it is apparently lost & you see only a little black hard mass.
      Tanners who have manipulated old hides become sick with malignant pustule; the pustule may come on the face or on some part of the body that was not exposed; often on the margin of mucous membrane and skin.
      Abscess may open & discharge, bloody pus, ichrous; all at once in a wall of abscess dreadful burning, the opening will not close, becomes erysipelatous; burning like fire; oozing a bloody pus. Two remedies neither well probed: ÄTarentula cub. & Anthracinum.
      Syphilitic cases; bubo in groin; instead of suppuration it burns like fire – is very hard – black color. Patient has a chill and is greatly exhausted – Anthracinum will cause a reaction. Felons with this black ugly erysipelatous activity. Gangrene with lack of reaction.
      Fluid about gangrenous parts are extremely offensive – ooze. There is the feeling of the beginning of death; the sinking and prostration is dreadful. No reaction. Appearance that of anxiety. Before we had Anthracinum we had to give Arsenicum and it was not always similar enough. Finally Hering proved Lachesis and it had something of the nature. Blood black, thick like tar – decomposes rapidly. Hemorrhagic exudations. No chronic condition – very acute – great suddenness. You must reach the case early or nothing will be done.
      One of the most dreadful things you can ever do is to partially suppress a carbuncle; the patient will recover from the carbuncle, but as an invalid – will never get well. The complaints that you produce by this kind of treatment will baffle your skill. An hysterical girl will have additional hysterical manifestations. This is also the case with diphtheria which has been suppressed. Indifferent success.