Aranea scinencia

Natural History.
      A grey spider found in Kentucky on old walls.
      Does not spin a web, N. O. Arachnida. Tincture.

      Eyes, affections of.

      Aran-s. has been proved in 1st and 2nd dilutions.
      One remarkable symptom noticed was: "Constant twitching of under eyelids, " which brings this spider into line with the choreic Mygale. Eyes inflamed, weak, watery, lids swollen.
      Rather profuse flow of saliva, sweet taste in mouth.
      Much dull, stupid headache of considerable intensity, especially in posterosuperior part of head, unable to rest for it, could not collect thoughts with it.
      Felt as if he had been drinking.
      All symptoms worse in warm room.

      Compare: Spiders generally. Agar., Carb-v. (worse warm room, also Puls., Apis, Sulph., etc.).