Arbutus andrachne

Natural History.
      Strawberry Tree of the Levant. N. O. Ericaceæ.
      Tincture of young shoots.

      Urine, disorders of.

      This is one of Dr. Cooper’s remedies, He cured several cases of eczema with it, and observed that it produced pains in the joints of a gouty or rheumatic character.
      Hence he was led to give it in certain inveterate cases of arthritis.
      In one case the patient noticed that it "cleared his urine." Arbutin has a reputation among the allopaths as a urinary remedy.
      Arbutus is allied to Uva ursi, which belongs to the Ericaceæ.
      One patient who was benefited by the remedy had worse in North-East winds. The larger joints are principally affected, and the slightest movement sets up inflammation.
      The tree sheds its bark annually, which gives the signature of its use in skin cases.

      Compare: Led., Kalm., Bry.