Arsenicum metallicum

Natural History.
      Metallic Arsenic. As (A. W. 749).

      Eyes, affections of.

      The symptoms of metallic arsenic are very like those of Ars., but not entirely.
      The following may be regarded as the most peculiar: Symptoms recur every 14 days, coryza every 21 days.
      Pains extend from one part to another, or leave one part and appear in another.
      Attacks come suddenly and go slowly, or vice versa.
      Enlarged or swollen feeling of brain, head, eyelids, hands, and fingers.
      Cutting, burning, stinging pains.
      Itching in many parts, skin peels off in small scales.
      Hot bathing worse pain in hip.
      Lying on left side (heart).
      Washing better itching of anus.
      Cold bathing better itching of face.
      worse On waking in morning.
      Thinking of symptoms worse.
      Many symptoms appear on right side.
      Ars. met. lights up syphilis after being many years dormant.

      Compare: Iod., Merc., Nat-c. in syphilis, Nux-v. (drowsy after sound sleep), Rhus (pain in back, hips, etc.), Sulph. (pulse), Ars. Useful in pterygium after failure of Nux-v. and Spig.
      Antidoted by: Bell. (sore throat), Nat-c. (syphilitic symptoms).

      Laughing (headache).
      Thinking (headache).

      Memory weak, especially of what is read, cannot take in what he reads.
      Fears will be poisoned.

      Heavy, dull feeling in forehead above frontal sinuses in morning.
      Fullness, on waking at night.
      As if brain were too large and it would burst.
      Glow over left brow.
      Pain left side extending to ear and eye, with nausea.
      Headache when writing, thinking, laughing.
      Hair falls off.

      Soreness of eyes, irritated and red or sore.
      Upper lid sore and feels swollen.
      Pterygium (r).

      Coryza and hoarseness worse in morning.
      Eyes red, excoriating tears, nose swollen, head feels enlarged, full as if tied up, sneezing and dyspnea increase every second day, return every two weeks.

      Swelling, itching, burning, stinging of forehead and face, worse at night, better by cold washing.

      Tongue coated white, imprinted with teeth.
      Mouth sore, ulcerated.

      Inflamed and ulcerated, several small ulcers.
      Violently inflamed throat, pain on swallowing, heat worse right side, after coryza.

Stomach and Abdomen.
      Worse from brandy.
      Takes away, or causes desire for alcohol.
      Sore pain in liver goes through to shoulders and spine.
      Pain in spleen down to groin, evening.
      Pain in breast extends to region of spleen.
      Bloated abdomen.
      On waking, cutting, shooting, tormenting belly-ache, followed by burning, watery stool and cessation of pain.
      Painful swelling in right groin worse on extending leg.

Stool and Anus.
      Diarrhoea, burning watery stools with relief of pain, but leaving much debility, falls asleep sitting.
      Piles exceedingly painful, bleed a little, itching in anus worse after rubbing, extending to perineum and scrotum, better washing with very hot water.

Urinary Organs.
      Urine hot in evening.
      Red, sandy sediment.

Male Sexual Organs.
      Pain in groins, morning, right, evening, left
      Bubo right worse stretching leg, better walking, worse sitting.
      Itching in glans, prepuce swollen.
      Chancres, with burning pain.
      Offensive sweat on genitals.
      Itching on scrotum.

Female Sexual Organs.
      Catamenia too early and too scanty.
      Heat in uterus and vagina, burning when touched.
      Pain in uterus and vagina during period.

      Stitches in breasts, extending to hip, to spleen.
      As if heavy load, lying on chest all night, dreams of danger on water.

      Cutting pain in heart (4 p-m.), can only lie on left side.
      Pulse accelerated in morning (Sulph.).

      Hands and fingers feel swollen, feel stiff as if they could not be closed.
      Cracking of finger-joints.
      Icy coldness or burning of hands and feet.
      Lameness in right hip-joint, and down thigh, worse moving from seat, better continuing to walk, worse bathing, worse lying on right side, throbbing worse morning, better evening.
      Sensation of dryness in right knee-joint.

      Prostration of strength, weariness.

      Peels off in small scales.
      Rash on face, or abdomen.
      Small boils on face.
      Syphilitic symptoms reproduced.

      Excessive drowsiness all day after an unusually sound sleep at night.
      Sleepy, but can’t sleep (Bell).