Asparagus officinalis

Natural History.
     Common Garden Asparagus

     Its marked and immediate action on the urinary secretion is well known. It causes weakness and cardia depression with dropsy. Rheumatic pains. Especially about left shoulder and heart.

     Confused. Coryza, with profuse, thin fluid. Aching in forehead and root of nose. Migrainous morning headache with scotoma. Throat feels rough, with hawking copious, tenacious mucus from throat.

     Frequent, with fine stitches in orifice of urethra; burning; of peculiar odor. Cystitis, with pus, mucus and tenesmus. Lithiasis.

     PALPATION, WITH OPPRESSION OF CHEST. Pulse intermits, weak, pain about left shoulder and heart, associated with bladder disturbances. Great oppression in breathing. Hydrothorax.

     Rheumatic pain in back, especially near shoulder and limbs. Pain at acromion process of left scapula under clavicle and down arm, with feeble pulse.

     Antidote: Acon.; Apis.
     Compare: Althaea – Marshmallow – (contains asparagine; irritable bladder, throat and bronchi.) Physalis Alkekengi. Digital.; Sarsap.; Spigelia

     Sixth potency