Calcarea renalis

Natural History.
      Urate of Lime renal calculi.
      Also Phosphate of Lime renal calculi.

      Joints, nodosities on.
      Renal calculi.
      Stone in bladder.
      Teeth, tartar on.

      H. Recorder (Aug., 1895) reprints a paper by Dr. Bredenoll, of Erwitte, in which he gives his experience with this remedy in his own case.
      Following a repercussed eruption he had among a host of other troubles renal colic of great intensity, with passage of uric acid calculi.
      One of these was triturated in the proportion of 5 parts to 95 of sugar of milk, and of this he took 1/2 grain doses for a considerable time, with the result that the formation of calculi ceased, the tartar which had formed on the teeth dropped off, and a nodosity of stony hardness disappeared from the extensor tendon of the right middle finger.