Natural History.
     Madar Bark

     Has been used with marked success in the treatment of SYPHILIS following Mercury; also, in elephantiasis, leprosy, and acute dysentery. Pneumonic phthisis. Tuberculosis.
     Increases the circulation of the skin; has powerful effects as a sudorific. In the secondary symptoms of syphilis, where Mercury has been used but cannot be pushed safely any farther, it rapidly recruits the constitution, heals the ulcers and blotches from the skin, and perfects the cure. PRIMARY ANAEMIA OF SYPHILIS. HEAT IN STOMACH is a good guiding symptom. Obesity, while flesh decreases, muscles become harder and firmer.
     Leprosy; livid and gangrenous tubercles; thickening of the skin.

     Compare: Merc.; Potass. iod.; Berb aqui.; Sarsap; Ipecac.