Carbon tetrachloride

     As a remedy for Hookworms, according to Dr. Lambert, Suva, Fiji who employed it in 50, 000 cases. "1. Carbon tetrachloride is a vermifuge and vermicide of great potency, and has shown itself to be the best vermifuge for the treatment of hookworm in a country where the disease predominates. "2. It gives little discomfort to the patient, is palatable, required no preparation of the patient, and when pure is apparently not toxic – all of which features are of advantage in a popular campaign. "W. G. Smillie, and S.B. Pessoa, of Sao Paulo, Brazil, also have found carbon tetrachloride to be extremely efficient in removing hookworms. A single dose of 3 Cc. Given to adults has been proved to remove 95 per cent. Of all the hookworms harbored." Carbon Tetrachloride is said to cause fatty liver. Paralysis of interosseus muscles of feet and hands. Wonderful clinical results in the treatment of Hook worm disease.