Cereus bonplandii

Natural History.
     A Night-blooming Cereus

     Great desire to work and to be doing something useful.

     Occipital headache and PAIN THROUGH THE GLOBE OF THE EYES and orbits. (Cedron; Onos.) Pain across the brain from left to right. Pain along right malar bone running to temple.

     Convulsive pains at the heart; feels as if transfixed. Pain in chest through heart, with pain running toward spleen. Pain in left pectoral muscle and cartilage of left lower ribs. Sensation of a great weight on heart, and pricking pain. Hypertrophy of heart. Difficult, sighing respiration, as from some compression of chest.

     Itching of skin. (Dolich.; Sulph.)

     Pain in neck, back, shoulders, down arms, hands and fingers. Pain in knees and joints of lower extremities.

     Compare: Cactus; Spigel.; Kalmia; Cereus serpentinus. (Very irritable with tendency to swear; wild anger and low morals. Disturbance in speech; in writing leaves off the last syllable. Paralyzed feeling. Pains in heart, and dwindling of sexual organs. Emissions, followed by pain in testicles.)

     Third to sixth attenuation.