Culex musca

Natural History.
      N. O. Culicide. Insecta. Tincture.


      Culex was proved by Dr. Kent, but the only verification I have found is of this symptoms: vertigo every time he blows his nose.
      W. P. Wesselheft cured a man, forty, stout, thick-set, light brunette, who had swelling on upper jaw over first right tricuspid.
      Slight redness of cheek.
      Abscess threatened, with paroxysmal throbbing, dull pain better by warm applications.
      Came on after exposure to wet weather.
      Sol. and Rhus did no good.
      The patient then said that whenever he blew his nose he had vertigo, with a sense of fullness in the ears.
      Culex promptly relieved the pain, and in forty-eight hours the swelling had gone.
      It might be well to prove a tincture of specimens of Anopheles well charged with malarial organisms.