Derris pinnata

Natural History.
      N. O. Leguminosae. (Cochin China.) Tincture of plant.

      Eyes, inflammation of.
      Locomotor ataxy.
      Smell, sense of, affected.
      Tic douloureux.

      Dr. X. Roussel is the authority for this plant, and some of the symptoms are of a very peculiar nature.
      "He walks as if stepping on down." "He is afraid of killing some one with a knife." Both kinds of tic are noted, painful and convulsive.
      Sense of smell is exalted.
      "He perceives celestial odors," also "intolerable smells, after frequent sneezing." Viscid urine, and viscid saliva.
      Electric shocks and cramps.
      Heat better toothache.
      Many symptoms, including diarrhea, come on at night.
      Worse From touch.

      Compare: Anac. (sense of smell), Stict, etc. (levitation), Ign. (ball in throat, hysteria).

      Fancies he is sea-sick.
      Is afraid of killing some one with a knife.
      Disposed to strike, and inveighs against his dearest friends.
      Weeping and singing alternately, great flow of ideas.
      Loss of memory.

      Vertigo, is afraid of falling if he turns his head to right or left
      Sensation as if needles and nails were being driven into head (6 PM at evening meal).
      Painful lancinations left side of head with vomiting of mucus and burning along esophagus.
      Scalp excessively painful, slightest touch worse the pain.

      Cannot raise lids or eyebrows.
      Painful lancinations in both eyes, extending to bottom of orbits.
      Swelling of left caruncula lachrymalis with large ecchymosis of left eye.
      Vision dim, black points before eye.

      Swelling, redness and heat of auricle.
      Hearing impaired or excessively acute.
      Cracking in ears when swallowing.

      Tip of nose red.
      Fluent coryza.
      Sense of smell exalted, celestial odors.
      Intolerable smells after frequent sneezing.

      Face puffy.
      Tic-douloureux and tic convulsive.
      Burning in left cheek.
      Pain in whole lower jaw as if the teeth were being pulled out.

      Teeth become loose, previously loose teeth become very painful.
      Toothache at night, worse by cold, better by heat.

      Formication and trembling of tongue.
      Painful, dry, cracked tongue.
      Salivation with engorged submaxillary glands.
      Copious salivation, with aphthae, and thready, viscid mucus.

      Red swelling of tonsils, uvula and velum, tickling of uvula.
      Sensation as of ball in esophagus with cramps there.

      Bad-smelling eructation.
      Hiccough with deep anguish and burning in stomach.

      Sensation of swelling in liver and spleen.
      Cramp-like pains, diarrhea with anguish.
      Fetid flatulence.
      Griping, better lying on abdomen.

Stool and Anus.
      Hemorrhoids, constriction, formication.
      Sensation of foreign body in anus.
      Diarrhea and weakness after vomiting.
      Involuntary stools at night, white or yellowish.
      Burning or sharp pains with bloody stools.

Urinary Organs.
      Pain in kidneys, in bladder, injury, sometimes incontinence.
      Gluey, fetid urine discharged guttatim.

Female Sexual Organs.
      Swelling of uterus, weight behind uterus, feeling as if about to prolapse.
      Leucorrhea, with menstruation twice a month.
      Cramp-like pains during menses.

Respiratory Organs.
      Feeling of suffocation with fetid breath, must sit up in bed at night.
      Cramp-like pains, and lancinations behind sternum.

      Violent palpitation, heart seems to be beating in water.

Neck and Back.
      Violent pains in nape and neck with swelling.
      Feeling as if a small stream of water was running from one ear to the other across nape of neck, causing terrible pain.

Upper Limbs.
      Paralytic pains, commencing in entire left upper extremity (also in right less frequently).
      Rheumatic pains from shoulder to finger-tips.
      Cramp-like pains at insertion of deltoid better by pressure.

Lower Limbs.
      Electric shocks in muscles of leg.
      Intense sciatic pains.
      Staggers, he walks as if stepping on down.

      Skin of abdomen painful.

      Sleep after a meal.