Eryngium aquaticum

Natural History.
     Button Snake-root

     A remedy for urinary disorders. Strangury, etc., with nervous erethism. THICK, YELLOW MUCOUS DISCHARGES. Influenza Uridrosis, sweat of urinous odor in evening.

     Cough, with sense of constriction. Smarting in throat and larynx.

Urinary Organs.
     Tenesmus of bladder and urethra. Difficult and frequent micturition. Pain behind pubes. Spasmodic stricture. RENAL COLIC (Pareira; Calc.) Congestion of kidneys with dull pain in back, running down the ureters and limbs. Irritable bladder from enlarged prostate gland, or from pressure of uterus.

     Discharge of prostatic fluid from slight causes. Seminal emissions without erections, with lassitude. (Dioscor.; Phos. ac)

     Compare: Conium; Cannab.; Dios.; Ocim.; Clemat.

     Tincture, to third potency.