Eugenia jambos

Natural History.
     Jambosa Vulgaris

     EUGENIA produces a state of intoxication like alcohol. Everything appears beautiful and larger; excitement soon changing to depression. Acne, simple and indurated. The pimples are painful for some distance around. Acne rosacea. NAUSEA. BETTER SMOKING. COMEDONES.

     Headache as if a board were lying on right side. Talkative. HOT LACHRYMATION.

     NIGHTLY CRAMP IN SOLES OF FEET. (Cupr.; Zing) Skin cracks about toes. Fissures between toes. Skin recedes from the nails, forming pus.

     Compare: Eugenia cheken-Myrtus cheken (chronic Bronchitis); Antim.; Berb. aquif.