Franciscea uniflora

Natural History.
      Brazilian Manaca-root. N. O. Solanaceae. Closely allied to Brunfelsia. Tincture of fresh root.
      An alkaloid, Franciscein, is also used.


      Franciscea u. is a Brazilian remedy of great local repute as an anti-syphilitic and anti-rheumatic.
      It is called "vegetable mercury." In large doses it is a poison, causing violent purgation and emesis.
      Many cases of acute, sub-acute, and chronic cases of rheumatism have been reported cured with the tincture by homeopaths, also pericarditis complicating rheumatism.
      Hansen gives there symptoms as characteristic, though I do not know of any proving: " Intense headache like a band around the head, pain in occiput, neck and spine, lancinating, sticking, terrible aching all over, with great heat, followed by profuse sweat, which better all symptoms."