Natural History.
      The salt springs of Hall in Upper Austria, containing chlorides, iodides, bromides, and carbonates of the alkalies and alkaline earths and iron, but by far the largest ingredient is chloride of sodium.

      Breast, affection of.
      Exophthalmic goitre.
      Glands, enlarged.

      Provings have been made of this water, many of them on patients suffering from goitre.
      Great weakness and exhausting night-sweats were produced and all the symptoms of cold in the head and chest.
      Many marked symptoms appeared in the mammary gland.
      There different provers experienced them.
      A number of symptoms occur after sleep and some of them wake the prover in the night.
      One prover had a sensation as if her stomach would fall out, and as if her breasts would fall off.
      In many cases the pains are transient and acute, and return after a short interval.
      Compare: Nat-m., silica marit., (stitches shooting out of nipple) Ol. an.

      Confusion of the senses.

      Vertigo as if intoxicated.
      Headache, especially at first, sometimes increasing in severity and accompanied by vertigo, roaring in ears, sparks before eyes.
      Drawing tearing in vertex towards right temple.
      Transient, painful tearings in occiput.

      Heat, burning and violent watering of eyes, with feeling of catarrh in nose, as after smelling strong ammonia.

      Great difficulty of hearing.

      Frequent (violent) sneezing and feeling of commencing coryza.

      Painful swelling of the lymphatic gland, size of pigeon’s egg, right side of face close to ear.

      Accumulation of saliva.

      Frequent hawking with expectoration of mucus.
      Burning and tickling, rawness as if tough mucus collected, difficult to loosen, with hoarseness, scraping.
      Swelling of one of cervical glands (in a prover who had never had a swollen gland in her life before), in anterior portion of neck between hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage, size of walnut, painless, easily movable,
      Goitre gradually disappeared.

      Regurgitation of bitter nauseous fluid from stomach.
      Acidity, like heartburn.
      Qualmish nausea: in evening, on going to bed, on awaking.
      Painful sensation of emptiness in stomach and hunger, although she had eaten much supper, the stomach felt painful and sick, as if it would fall out.
      Violent gnawing, like hunger, in stomach extending downward into intestines.

      Cutting griping in abdomen, commencing near right side of navel, extending outward, then following course of colon to rectum, involving a large circle about navel, followed by rumbling as if for stool, lasting an hour and returning at short intervals.
      Transient painful sensation in right flank.

Stool and Anus.
      Thin, pasty evacuations, increasing to diarrhea.
      Unusually hard, difficult stool.

Urinary Organs.
      Increased secretion of pale urine.

Female Sexual Organs.
      Menstruation unusually profuse at first, at the right time.
      Menstruation lasting only one day (usually there).
      Menstruation appeared without any pain (very remarkable, as she had always been subject to pain in abdomen therewith the cure was permanent).

Respiratory Organs.
      Hoarse, piping voice, scarcely audible.
      Cough in morning after rising.
      Dry cough in evening with catarrh, which became loose in morning.
      Cough hoarse, barking, very violent, dry, croupy or like the cough of laryngeal phthisis.
      Remarkable dyspnea, with palpitation on ascending a slight elevation, followed by the appearance of menstruation.

      Oppression of chest with difficult breathing.
      Frequent walking from sleep on account of sticking in right side of thorax.
      A transient stitch in sternum, above pit of stomach, wakes her from sleep at night.
      Two very violent stitches right side, just below right breast, during rest.
      Her breasts, which were usually firm and full, became small and flabby.
      Transient burning and sticking in left mamma.
      Itching-sticking and burning superficially in left nipple, temporarily better by rubbing, lasting 8 to 10 seconds, and returning after a short time.
      Frequent stitches beneath left breast.
      Frequent transient stitches (very violent at times) in both breasts, with extreme sensitiveness, pressure of linen or bedclothes unendurable, sensation as if an ulcer forming deep in the breast, worse by motion and touch, worse at night, often walking her from sleep (lasted three weeks, and disappeared with, the goitre).
      Violent stitches in substance of right breast, piercing the nipple from within outward, wakens her at night.
      Great painfulness and heaviness in both breasts, especially on touch and motion, both feeling and though they would fall off.

      Pulse greatly accelerated.

      Pain like sprain, extending from right lumbar region, across right side of small of back into right ischium.

      Trembling of the limbs.

Upper Limbs.
      Unable to exert right arm without violent pain in axilla, where was found a gland, dark red, swollen, hot, very painful to touch, size of a walnut (it gathered and broke in five days).
      Drawing tearing pain in left humerus to elbow, lower end of left elbow as if in periosteum while sitting still, followed by some violent stitches just below left breast close to its margin.

Lower Limbs.
      Violent sticking as with needles in right heel (lasts a quarter of an hour, and return after short pause).

      Boils: right eyebrow, right breast, left breast, back of right upper arm.
      Burning pains in skin of dorsal surface of left forearm on oblong spot with slight redness.

      Night restless, with many dreams, unpleasant.