Hydrastininum muriaticum

Natural History.
      An alkalolid of Hydrastis canadensis C11 H11 NI2 HCl.
      Trituration of the crystals.


      The alkaloids of Hydrastis have been largely used in the old school as remedies for internal hemorrhage.
      Hydrastin was found to be inconvenient by reason of its irritant properties.
      Hydrastinin., a modification of Hydrastin., proved to be free from this drawback, and its use in fibroid tumors has been advocated by Dr. Burford and others in the homeopathic school.
      A case of central uterine fibroid tumour under my care, about the size of a large orange, and pressing on the bladder, causing bladder symptoms, was quickly reduced in size with the disappearance of all troublesome symptoms by Hydrastinin. 3x.