Iris foetidissima

Natural History.
      Iris foetidissima.
      N.O. Iridaceae. Tincture of root.


      Ir-foe. was proved under Berridge’s direction.
      One prover, Dr. Crocker, chewed a pieced of the root, another took the tincture, one experienced symptoms form potentizing the drug, and later the 14th dilution.
      The rest took very high potencies.
      The prover who chewed the root experienced a burning feeling in mouth and fauces extending to stomach, and not relieved by cold water or anything else.
      A number of pains were felt in the head.

      Compare: The Arums and the other Irises.

      Makes mistakes in writing and speaking, puts "right" for "left" and vice versa.

      Light headed, staggers to left.
      Great weight on vertex when the pain in the stomach(burning) occurs, cannot sit to his office work, in the morning, pain at vertex sometimes reaching down to over eyes.

      Great burning feeling in mouth and fauces, extending into stomach, not worse by cold water or anything else.

      Burning as from vitriol in stomach.
      Pain in right groin as if inguinal hernia would protrude when walking (14th dil.).