Kali muriaticum


      Symptoms appear in the morning; forenoon; afternoon; evening; night; before midnight; after midnight. Aversion to the open air and sensitive to drafts. The open air aggravates many symptoms. Asleep feeling in single parts. Dread of bathing and worse from bathing. Cold in general makes the symptoms worse; worse from cold air; worse from becoming cold; worse from cold, wet weather. It has been a useful remedy in many kinds of convulsions; clonic; epileptic; epileptiform; internal. Worse after eating and from exertion. Fainting spells. Worse from cold food, fat food, cold drinks. Formication in many parts. Sensation of fullness. Easy bleeding of any part; blood dark and clotted. Heaviness external and internal. Induration of many tissues; in glands; in muscles. Inflammation and the results of induration; infiltration following inflammation; hepatization after pneumonia (Calc. Sulph.). Marked lassitude. Desire to lie down. Complaints from lifting and straining of muscles and joints. Lying makes many symptoms worse; worse after lying; worse lying in bed; worse lying on the right side. Worse lying on the painful side; better lying on the painless side. Worse before and during menses; worse from motion. Increased mucous discharges viscid and milk-white. The pains are biting, bruised, burning, cutting, jerking, pinching, pressing, stitching. Stitching pains, outward, transversely in glands, in muscles. Tearing downward in muscles. Twinging and ulcerative pains.
      Paralysis one-sided; of organs. Pulse full, hard, intermittent, irregular, slow; small, soft. General pulsation. Marked relaxation of muscles. Rising from sitting increases or brings on symptoms. Rubbing ameliorates symptoms. Sensitive to pain. Complaints one-sided; either side; mostly left side. Complaints worse while sitting. Sluggish patients; feeble reaction; slow repair; slow convalescence. Swelling of parts; of glands. Feeling of tension in muscles. Aggravation from touch. Twitching of muscles. Warmth of bed makes some symptoms worse. Weakness of the whole body; in the morning; in the evening; after acute catarrhal diseases; from walking. Worse in wet weather.
      Irritability and anger in the evening; anxiety: in the evening; about trifles. She has a delusion that she must not eat. Discontented and discouraged. Dullness of mind. Mental excitement. Fear that some evil will come to him. It has been used with benefit in imbecility. Indifference to all pleasure. Insanity and irresolution. Loathing of life. Moaning, MANIA. Obstinate. Restlessness. Sadness. Silent. Inclination to sit in complete silence. Talking in sleep. Unconsciousness in advanced states of brain and meningeal diseases. Vertigo when rising or stooping; when walking.
      Constriction of the scalp. Dandruff, copious, white. Eczema. Heaviness of the head; of the forehead; in the occiput with aching in trachea and hard cough; in the occiput as if full of lead; in occiput as if head would sink backwards; in occiput with hard cough. Sensation of looseness of the brain. Sensation of movements in the head. Pain in the head in the morning on walking; in the afternoon; evening; in cold air; in the open air; worse from binding up the hair; worse after eating; paroxysmal; worse from pressure; worse from stooping; worse from touch; worse walking; worse walking in the open air; worse from wine; better from wrapping up the head. Pain in the forehead. Pain in occiput, like a weight holds head fast to pillow (like Opium). Pain in the sides of head; temples; boring, bruised, burning in forehead; cutting; gnawing in occiput; jerking. Pressing pain in whole head; in forehead, outward; in occiput; in temples, outward. Shooting pain in head, in occiput. Stitching pain in head; worse stooping; in forehead; in occiput; in sides of head; in temples. Stunning pains in head. Tearing pains in the head; in the forehead; in the occiput and sides of occiput; in sides of head; in the temples; in the vertex. PERSPIRATION ON THE HEAD. Pulsation in the head. Shocks in the head.
      Catarrhal discharges with milk-white mucus or greenish or yellow purulent. Inflammation of the conjunctiva with thickening; PUSTULES; of the cornea. Burning in the eyes; in the canthi. Pressing. Pain as if sand in the eyes. STITCHING pain in eyes. Photophobia. Protrusion of the eyes. Redness in the evening with pain. Staring. Swollen lids. Twitching inner canthi. Vesicles on the cornea. Vision dim. Double vision. Lights before the eyes when coughing or sneezing.
      Closure of the eustachian tubes. Discharge from ears of milk-white mucus. Dry catarrh of the middle ear; the ears are hot. Stitching in the ears. Noises: buzzing; cracking on blowing nose and on swallowing; humming; reverberations; ringing; roaring; singing; snapping; tickling; whizzing. Pain in the ear; behind the ear; drawing; pressing; stitching; stitching behind the ear; tearing; tearing behind the ear. Pulsation behind the ear. Tingling in the ears. Twitching. Hearing acute; for noise; for voices; impaired.
      Nasal catarrh; discharge copious; excoriating; purulent; thick; white; milk-white; viscid; yellow; posterior nares. Coryza; with cough; fluent, dry; thick and milk-white discharge. Dryness in the nose. Epistaxis in the afternoon; evening. Itching in the nose. The nose is obstructed with mucus. Frequent sneezing.
      Epithelioma of the lips and lupus of the face. The face is bluish; pale; red. Dryness of the lips. Eruptions on the face; cheeks; lips; around the mouth; pimples. Suffering, sickly expression. Flashes of heat in the face. The face is hot. Pain in the face; worse in the right side; drawing; stitching; tearing. Paralysis of the face. Perspiration. Sunken face. Painful, swollen face; lips; glands of jaw. Tension. Twitching. Ulceration of face; lips.
      Aphthae in the mouth of children and nursing mothers. Bleeding gums. Gum boils. The tongue is red or white. Dry mouth and tongue. Heat in the mouth. Inflammation of gums and tongue. Mapped tongue. Milk-white mucus in the mouth. Odor from the mouth offensive, even putrid. Burning mouth and tongue. Sore gums and tongue. Scorbutic gums. Salivation. Speech wanting. Swollen gums and tongue. Taste; bad, bitter; metallic; putrid; saltish; sour; sweetish. Ulceration of mouth and tongue; syphilitic. Vesicles in the mouth. Teeth on edge and become loose. Pain in the teeth; stitching.
      The throat is dry and red and there is choking. Heat in the throat and much mucus. Inflammation of throat; tonsils; chronic. White exudate in the throat; gray patches. It has many times cured diphtheria. MUCUS VISCID; thick: milk-white; covers pharynx; adherent. Pain in throat; on swallowing; burning; pressing; rawness; sore.1 Scraping in the throat. Swallowing very difficult. Swollen throat; tonsils; uvula, edematous; parotid gland. Ulceration of the throat.
      Anxiety of the stomach. The appetite is diminished or entirely lost or it is increased, even ravenous, after eating. Aversion to food; to meat. Constriction of the stomach. Emptiness not ameliorated by eating. Eructations: after eating; ineffectual; bitter; empty; of food; sour; water brash. Flashes of heat; heartburn, and sensation of fullness. Weight in stomach worse at night. Hiccough. Inflammation of the stomach. Loathing of food. Nausea after fats and rich food. Nausea and shivering. Pain in the stomach; aching; burning; cutting; pressing with emptiness; sore to touch: stitching. Tension. Thirst extreme; during chill. Vomiting; bile; blood; food; mucus, milk-white and dark green; morning diarrhea with vomiting white mucus; sudden; incessant.
      Distension in abdomen after eating. Emptiness. Ascites. Enlarged spleen. Flatulence; in day time; afternoon; night; prevents sleep. FULLNESS; AFTER EATING. Pain in abdomen; night; colic; griping with diarrhea; during diarrhea; after eating; as if menses would appear; before and during stool; in hypochondria, especially the right; burning in right hypochondrium. Cramping in abdomen; before stool; in hypogastrium with diarrhea. Cutting in abdomen; in umbilical region. Pressing in hypochondria; in right better by passing flatus. Sore bruised abdomen; in right hypochondrium; in inguinal region. Rumbling before stool. Tension in abdomen.
      Constipation; stool difficult; from inactivity of the rectum. The stool is dry, hard, large, light colored, clay colored. Diarrhea; painful; morning; evening; after fats. The stool is excoriating; bloody mucus; copious; green; offensive; watery; white mucus. Dysentery with slimy stool or pure blood. Flatus during diarrhea. Formication of the anus. Hemorrhage from rectum. Hemorrhoids; congested; external; large; SORE; worse walking. Involuntary stool; when passing flatus. Itching of the anus; after stool. Pain in rectum and anus; during and after stool. Burning during and after stool. Pressing in the anus. SORENESS; after stool. Tenesmus. Paralysis of the rectum. Urging with normal stool; constant.
      Catarrh of the bladder with much mucus in the urine. Retention of urine. Urging to urinate; at night; constant; frequent; ineffectual. Urination dribbling; feeble stream; frequent, at night; involuntary at night; retarded. Must press long to start the urine. Inflammation of the kidneys. Pain in the kidneys. Suppression of urine. It has been used much in chronic gonorrhea with gleety, milky discharge. It has cured violent chordee. Itching of the urethra. Burning and cutting during urination. Urine: albuminous; black; greenish-black; bloody; burning; cloudy; dark; pale; red; copious at night; scanty; containing sugar; thick.
      Inflammation of glans penis and testes. Indurated testes. Erections troublesome; violent. Stitching of the scrotum. Drawing pain in testes. Seminal emissions. Ulcers on the penis; chancres.
      Leucorrhoea: excoriating; MILKY; white; VISCID. Menses bright red; clotted; frequent; late; painful. Metrorrhagia. Labor-like pain.
      Irritation of larynx; inflammation; dryness; croup. Mucus in the larynx; THICK MILKY. Larynx sensitive to touch. Tickling in larynx. Hoarseness; voice finally lost. Respiration rapid; asthmatic; deep; difficult; rattling; snoring. Cough day and night; asthmatic; barking; from deep breathing; croupy; dry; hacking; after eating; harsh; from irritation in larynx and trachea; loose; paroxysmal; racking; short; violent; whooping cough. Expectoration: morning; bloody; mucus; white; gray; milk-white; yellow.
      Catarrh of the chest and anxiety of the heart. Coldness in the region of the heart. Congestion and flashes of heat in chest. Constriction of the chest; of the heart; as from sulphur fumes. Hemorrhage of the lungs. Hepatization of lung after pneumonia. Inflammation of bronchial tubes; of lungs; pleura. Oppression of the chest. Pain in chest; on respiration; sides of chest, on respiration; heat; cutting; pressing; soreness. Stitching on breathing; stitching in the heart. Violent palpitation.
      Coldness in the back. Stitching of the back. Pain in the back; on breathing; better lying; while sitting; while standing; while walking. Pain between the scapula. Pain in the lumbar region; better lying; while sitting and standing. Pain in the sacrum; better lying. Pain in the coccyx. Aching in the back; lumbar region; sacrum. Burning in the back. Drawing pain in lumbar region; in sacrum. Lightning-like pains in small of back to feet, must get out of bed and sit up. Pressing pains in back; in lumbar region. Stitching pains in scapula; in Sacrum.
      Cold extremities; HANDS; feet. Cracking in joints and tendons of back of hand. Cramps in limbs; thighs; LEGS. Eruptions in limbs; pimples; vesicles. Heat of hand and feet: burning soles. Pains in the limbs; nightly; rheumatic worse from the warmth of bed; rheumatic in joints; rheumatic shoulder and elbow. Drawing pains in wrists; thighs; knees; legs. Pressing pains in shoulders. Stitching pains in knees, in legs. Tearing pains in shoulders; hand; fingers; in thighs, worse from heat of bed; in knees; calf. Paralysis of one side; perspiration of feet; cold. Stiffness of knees. Swelling of legs and ankles; edematous. Tension in knees; calf. Twitching in limbs; in thighs. Ulcers on leg, warts on hands. Weakness of the limbs; of thighs.
      Dreams; amorous; anxious; of depth; of previous events; frightful; of misfortune; pleasant; vexatious; vivid. Restless sleep. Sleepiness afternoon; evening; after dinner; after eating. Sleeplessness all night. Waking early.
      Chill morning; afternoon; evening; in open air; in bed; chilliness in evening; external coldness; shaking chill. Fever evening in bed. Perspiration morning; night; midnight.
      Burning or coldness of skin. Dryness of skin. Eruptions; eczema; herpes; pimples; scabby; scaly; white, thin-like scales; vesicles. Jaundice. Erysipelas. Excoriation; intertrigo. Formication. Itching in evening in bed; night; burning; crawling; better by scratching; stinging. Ulcers burning; suppurating, warts.