Lobelia purpurascens

Natural History.
     Purple Lobelia

     Profound prostration of all the vital forces and of the nervous system; RESPIRATORY PARALYSIS. NERVOUS PROSTRATION OF INFLUENZA. Coma. Tongue white and paralyzed.
     Drowsiness; dizzy headache between eyebrows; cannot keep eyes open; tongue white – feels paralyzed as also do the heart and lungs; intense prostration of all vital forces; deadly chill, without shivering; useful for the low, nervous prostration of grippe

     Confused and depressed. Headache with nausea, vertigo; especially between eyebrows. Cannot keep eyes open; spasmodic closure of lids.

     Superficial respiration; heart and lungs feel paralyzed; respiration slow. Heart beats sound to him like boom of a drum.

     Impossible to keep open. Drowsy.

     Compare: BAPTISIA; LOBELIA CARDINALIS (debility, especially of lower extremities; oppressed breathing, pleurisy, STICKING pain in chest on taking a long breath. Pain in LEFT lung, intermitting pricking during the day).

     Third potency.