Mentha piperita

Natural History.

     Stimulates the cold-perceiving nerves so just after taking it a current of air at the ordinary temperature seems cold. Marked action on respiratory organs and skin. Useful in gastrodynia, flatulent cold.

     Bloated, disturbing sleep. Infantile colic. Bilious colic with great accumulation of gas.

     Voice husky. Tip of nose sore to touch. Throat dry and sore, as if pin crosswise in it. DRY COUGH, WORSE FROM AIR INTO LARYNX, TOBACCO SMOKE, FOG, talking; WITH IRRITATION IN SUPRASTERNAL FOSSA (RUMEX.) TRACHEA PAINFUL TO TOUCH.

     Every scratch becomes a sore. Itching of arm and hand when writing. Vaginal pruritus. Herpes zoster. (ARS.; RAN. BULB.)

     Compare: RUMEX; LACHES.; MENTHA PULEGIUM – European penny royal – (pain in bones of forehead and extremities). MENTHA VIRIDIS – Spearmint – (scanty urine with frequent desire).

     Tincture, 1 to 20 drops, to thirtieth potency. Locally, in pruritis vaginae