Mentha pulegium

Natural History.
      Mentha pulegium.
      Penny royal (English).
      N. O. Labiate. Tincture of plant.

      Salivation, nocturnal.

      Penny royal is a common domestic remedy for menstrual disorders.
      Berridge’s provings with the 40th were all made on men, so its properties in the female sexual sphere remain untested.
      Berridge’s proving brought out an affinity for the right side of the head, right eye, and left kidney, shoulder and hand.
      The symptoms were all worse when thinking of them.

      Compare: Hedeom. puleg., Menth. pip. In worse by thinking of symptoms, Pip. methys., Oxal-ac.

Head and Eyes.
      Aching in bones of forehead and sides of head, worse right after sunset.
      Headache: right lower forehead, forcing tears from right eye, right temple with pressing behind eyes, first right then both, worse towards evening and in night.
      Empty feeling in right side of head.
      Itching all round base of skull and roots of hair.

      Flow of saliva from left (side lain on) corner of mouth in night, waking him.

      Stitches down left Eustachian tube into left side of throat, better pressing under left ear.

      Stitches in right hypochondrium, sometimes in middle of sternal region.
      Severe cutting stitches in left groin and side while sitting.

Female Sexual Organs.
      Menth. pu.
      Is a popular ecbolic, and acts painlessly and without much irritation or forcing down.
      If often causes faintness (Cooper).

      Woke on right side, and as soon as he had turned to left sharp cutting pain in right chest for two minutes.

      Bruised, stiff feeling in small spot, upper part of right scapula, with aching and empty feeling right side of head.
      Sharp cutting in region of left kidney, shooting up left side to left chest, better getting up.

      Aching pain in bones of legs and arms, chiefly right, better by night’s rest.

Upper Limbs.
      Two sudden successive jerks upward of left shoulder and upper arm while lying on left side.
      Unable to hold a jug with left hand when pouring out water, hand trembles.

      Jerk of whole body directly after waking.
      Rheumatic pains flying about, chiefly right side.
      Sensation as of blood circulating quicker than usual.

      Veins swollen at night, troublesome dreams.

      General creeping chilliness over back and half-way down front of left thigh.