Mercurius iodatus flavus

Natural History.
     Proto-iodide of Mercury

     Throat affections, with greatly swollen glands and characteristic coating of tongue. Worse, right side. Chancre; induration remains long time. Swollen inguinal glands, large and hard. MAMMARY TUMORS, with tendency to much warm perspiration and gastric disturbances.

     TONGUE COATED THICKLY; YELLOW AT THE BASE. Tip and edges may be red and take imprint of teeth.

     Lacunar tonsillitis. When only the superficial part of the tonsils is involved. Cheesy exudates with offensive breath. Swelling begins on right side. Small ulcers on posterior pharynx. Easily detached patches on inflamed pharynx and fauces; WORSE ON RIGHT TONSIL; much tenacious mucus. Sensation of a lump. CONSTANT INCLINATION TO SWALLOW.

     Compare: PLUM. IOD. (in mammary tumors).

     Second trituration.