Mercurius proto iodatus

Natural History.
      Mercurius iodatus.
      Green Iodide of Mercury. Mercurius iodide. Hg.

      Blepharitis ciliaris.
      Breast, tumour of.
      Crusta lactea.
      Eyes, syphilitic affections of.
      Intraocular affections.
      Leucorrhea, of children.
      Pregnancy, vomiting of.
      Scabies sicca.
      Throat, sore Tonsillitis. Toothache. Writer’s cramp.

      Merc-i. has had a valuable proving, which has developed a distinct individuality based on the general Merc. characteristics. Lyc. (which is complementary to Iod.) is strongly re-called by some symptoms of Merc-i., an Lyc. relieved some of the symptoms of the proving.
      The right-to-left direction was manifested in the throat and chest symptoms, but unlike those of Lyc., the throat symptoms were worse by warm drinks.
      Cervical and parotid glands enormously swollen.
      Much accumulation of tenacious mucus in throat.
      Iod. was a strong characteristic in the tongue – a thick yellow coat at the base, anterior part clean and red.
      There are many pains in the eyes and orbits.
      Farrington mentions "corneal ulcers looking as if they had been chipped out by finger-nail." Merc. Iod., is a medicine of concomitants: There is a head pain following immediately a heart pain, pain in right forearm and left hip simultaneously, pain in heart with pain in abdomen.
      The teeth feel too long, worse by closing the jaws.
      There is also irresistible desire to clench teeth, and the jaw is stiff and muscles tired from clenching teeth in sleep.
      Nausea at sight of food.
      Faint, stick feeling in hypogastrium.
      Black stools.
      A cough worse by laughing.
      Merc-i. is suited to scrofulous and syphilitic patients, to mucous surfaces covered with squamous epithelium, to effects of drafts while perspiring.
      Kent mentions the cure of "an ulcerated, indurated lump in breast, as large as a goose’s egg, with knots in axilla, blueness of the part and no hope." Merc-i. 100, given as often as the pains were sever, cured (f.
      of Hcs., iv. 319).
      Touch and pressure worse.
      Symptoms are worse night, before one AM, on waking.
      worse Rest. worse Lying of left side (many symptoms).
      better Lying on right side (tired feeling in all limbs).
      Headache better when mind and body actively engaged.
      Writing worse (arm pain).
      worse At church (faint feeling).
      worse Warm room, warmth of bed.
      worse In spring. Very sensitive to cold and damp weather.

      Antidoted by: Hep., palpitation, Lyc.
      Follows well: Lach. (scarlatina).
      Compare: Right to left, Lyc. (Merc. bin. l. to right).
      Nausea in hypogastrium, Puls. Black stools, Lept. Cough worse laughing, Arg-n. Pains all round orbit, Cinnab. (Farrington says the characteristic of Cinnab. is that "the pain shoots across the eye from canthus to canthus and seems to go around the eye." Merc-i. somewhat approaches this.) worse Warm drinks and empty swallowing, Lach. Thick yellow coating at base of tongue, Kali-bi. (Nat-p. golden yellow, Nat-s. dirty or greenish grey).
      worse Lying left side, Phos., Arn., Spig. (opp. Merc., which has worse lying right side).

      Cold draft when perspiring.
      Cold, damp weather.

      When in bed, imagined a man was in his room intending to perforate his throat with a gimlet (the idea lasted twenty-four hours).
      Lively, merry, talkative.
      Destructiveness, moodiness, depression of spirits.

      Dull frontal headache on waking, with dull soreness of bones of face.
      Aching all over head with wave-like motion of blood.
      Dizzy headache, like a rush of blood to head, followed by a violent pain above right temple.
      Dizziness when reading, and when rising from a chair.
      Occasional shooting pains to temple, sharp stitches.
      Head feels dull and compressed, as if a heavy weight were pressing it down on pillow.
      Head feels full and heavy.
      Dull frontal headache, with pain in root of nose.
      Throbbing pain in (fore) head.
      Dull headache on awaking in morning.
      Sharp pain on vertex.
      Dull dizzy pains over vertex, with inclination to vomit, following immediately after a slight pain at heart.
      Headache on vertex, or on right side.
      Severe shooting pain in forehead, superior arch of right orbit, and root of nose.
      Sensation as if skull were cracking.
      Violent pain in right side of head (over right temple, extending to nape).
      Numbness of occiput and nape of neck with stiffness of neck.
      Sharp pain in occiput after rising.
      Persistent itching of vertex, on left side of vertex.
      Itching of scalp.
      Numbness and tingling of scalp.

      Severe pain and soreness of right orbit (on rising in morning), of superior arch, of inferior arch, of left orbit (worse by stooping).
      Black clouds float before his eyes, when lying on his left side.
      Excessive photophobia.
      (Corneal ulcers which look as if they had been chipped out by a finger-nail.

      Sharp, throbbing, boring pain, from within outward, deep in left ear.
      Sudden sharp pain in (right) external meatus, in internal meatus, worse by touch.

      Pain at root of nose (shooting pain).
      A great deal of mucus in nose, must constantly clear it.
      A great deal of mucus descends through posterior nares into throat.
      The right side of septum and right nostril are very sore and much swollen.
      Sharp pain in septum.
      Painful spot on left ala.

      Dull bruised pain in right malar bone, radiating into forehead and right side of head, a small spot pulsates and buns like fire, worse by touch.
      Sharp stitches through head and face.
      Soreness of all the face, especially the bones, with dull frontal headache.
      Stinging in left cheek.
      Sharp throbbing in right cheek.

      Teeth feel too long, cannot eat.
      Sensation of dryness in teeth.
      Pain in molars worse bringing them together, with feeling as if too long.
      Sensation: as if pressed tightly together, as if very tight in their sockets, fullness, grinding, and drawing in teeth with constant desire to press them together.
      Grinding at roots of teeth with occasional pain in abdomen, with soreness deep behind umbilicus at 12 midnight.
      Pressed teeth together so hard during sleep the muscles were lame and tired on waking.
      Jaws stiff.
      Toothache after filling.

      Mouth, teeth, and lips dry and sticky, back part of tongue is covered with a thick, dirty yellow coat.
      Fine, bright, and red eruption on roof of mouth.
      Tongue coated: yellowish white, dirty yellow, light brown.
      Small, red, raised elevations on tongue.
      Coating always on back of tongue (thick, dirty yellow, especially on rising in the morning).
      Coating bright yellow, tip and edges red.

      Burning in throat, when swallowing saliva.
      Dryness of mouth and throat, with frequent empty swallowing.
      Pharynx, tonsils, and uvula red and congested.
      Fauces and pharynx red and inflamed, tonsils swollen, especially right, sensation of lumps as if swollen.
      (Cheesy white lumps on right tonsil, each pricking as if a bit of toothpick stuck in every time he swallowed.) – Throat dry and burning with pain when swallowing.
      Excessive secretion of tenacious mucus in throat, difficult to dislodge, hawking causes gagging.
      Posterior wall of pharynx dotted with patches of mucus and small spots, which look ulcerated.
      The mucous patches on tonsils and walls of pharynx are easily detached.
      Accumulation of mucus in throat in morning.

      Thirst excessive, for acids or sour drinks.
      Nausea, with suffocation about heart and dizziness.
      Weak, empty feeling at stomach, with nausea.
      Nausea, with sensation of disgust at sight of food.
      Burning at stomach, with pain as from a blow.
      Sudden, sharp, momentary pain at stomach as if a knife were driven in.

      Hardness of abdomen.
      Heat at umbilicus, as from a hot coal, worse when inspiring.
      Aching in region of liver, pain going from right to left and causing giddiness.
      Stitching pain in region of liver better by pressing hand upon it.
      Pain in left hypochondrium, with dizziness on awakening in morning.
      Faint, sick feeling in hypogastrium before stool.
      Indolent buboes.

      Pressure high up on rectum with sensation of nausea and fainting.
      Small stool, of very touch feces, almost of consistency of putty, requiring great straining for their evacuations.
      Stools: thin, light yellowish brown, frothy, soft, copious, dark, black.
      Nightly (10 PM) inclination to stool with small evacuation disappeared during the proving.

Urinary Organs.
      Urine copious and of a dark red color.

Male Sexual Organs.
      Sharp shooting stitches in end of penis, through glans.
      Copious seminal emissions, preceded by lewd dreams.
      Dreams that he must urinate, this was followed by an emission.
      Seminal emission, of which he knew nothing till morning.

Female Sexual Organs.
      Menses slight at onset, with pain.
      Copious muco-purulent discharge from vagina the entire month.
      Yellow leucorrhea, especially of young girls and children.
      Morning sickness of pregnancy, vomit, greenish yellow, bitter fluid, with burning and sinking at stomach.
      (Breast, tumour of.)

Respiratory Organs.
      Slight hacking cough when inspiring.
      Hoarseness and aphonia.
      Goitre with difficult breathing, suffocation at night, cough worse night, and arises from tickling in larynx and from laughing.

      Sharp pain in chest, behind sternum.
      Throbbing pain behind sternum.
      Stitches through (right side of) chest.
      The pain in the chest appear left side, those which appear right side always proceed to left
      Sensation in left breast above nipple as if wind was in cellular tissue, frequent palpitation, a single kick and jump (better by Lyc.).

      Stitching pain in heart.
      Sudden but lasting pain about heart, taking away breath.
      Sudden spasmodic action of heart, she thought it had jumped out of its place.
      Pulse weak, irregular.

Neck and Back.
      Neck stiff, soreness in occiput, worse when lying, when turning head.
      Soreness and numbness between scapula.
      Throbbing pain between shoulders.
      Severe pain as if bruised over entire scapular region.
      Throbbing pain in right scapula.
      Excruciating, sharp, sticking pain in back.

      Bone pains.
      Tired feeling in all limbs, worse lying left side, better lying right side.
      Pain in right forearm and left hip simultaneously.

Upper Limbs.
      Numbness and wearied feeling in right arm, worse by writing.
      Lameness and stiffness of right shoulder.
      Rheumatic, laming pain in right arm, worse by writing.
      Soreness and lameness of left shoulder and arm at night when lying on the left side.
      Soreness and pain of right arm, worse from pressure, rubbing and passive motion.
      Sharp pain in right shoulder, obliging him to cease writing.
      Heavy feeling of right arm.
      Lame numbness of left shoulder and left arm.
      Rheumatic pain in right hand, at night, in bed.
      In fingers: numbness, stiffness, pricking pains.

Lower Limbs.
      Weariness in the legs, with dull pains and tingling.
      Heavy laming pains in the calves of both legs, with pain in left knee-joint.
      Pain in sole of left foot, with feeling of faintness through the whole body.
      Sharp pain in right big toe.

      Sticking pains: both scapula, right temple, right side of chest, left ear, along outer borders of both hands and both little fingers.
      Heaviness of limbs, with laziness and drowsiness.
      Languid and sleepy.
      Faintness, wants to lie down.
      Excessive tired feeling of all limbs, especially when lying on left side, better by lying on right side.
      Glands swollen and indurated.
      Milk crust in children of a syphilitic taint.

      Troublesome itching over whole body, not better by scratching, worse at night, especially in bed.
      Persistent itching spots over whole body, following each other in rapid succession.
      Itching of scalp.

      Sleeplessness without restlessness, before one AM
      Frightful dreams, of coffins and drowning, nightmare.

      Pulse weak, irregular, and laboring.
      Chills with trembling all over body.