Methylene blue

Natural History.
     One of the Aniline Dyes

     A remedy for neuralgia, neurasthenia, malaria; TYPHOID, here it diminishes the tympanites, delirium, and fever; pus infection. Tendency to tremor, chorea and epilepsy. Nephritis (acute parenchymatous), scarlatinal nephritis. Urine acquires a green color. Bladder irritation from its use antidoted by a little nutmeg. Surgical kidney with large amount of pus in urine. Gonorrheal rheumatism and cystitis. Backache, sciatica. Later states of apoplexy (Gisevius).

     3X attenuation. A 2 per cent. solution locally, in chronic otitis with foul smelling discharge.
     A 1 per cent. aqueous solution for ulcers and abscesses of cornea.