Natural History.
      Myosotis symphytifolia, "Black-root." (Marshy places in Indiana. N.O. Boraginaceae. Tincture of fresh plant.

      Bronchitis, chronic.
      Lungs, affections of.

      Hale has collected some clinical experiences with Myosotis (which differs from M. Palustris in having large Symphytum-like leaves), showing it to have a strong affinity for the respiratory organs.
      The left lower lung was most affected.
      Copious expectoration, emaciation, night-sweat.
      During the cough there was gagging or vomiting, cough worse during or immediately after eating, pain in left side (lower lung) not worse any position, but worse while coughing and sensitive to percussion.
      Profuse sweat day and night.

      Compare: Symphytum (botan.) Stann. (lung disease).