Oleum jecoris aselli

Natural History.
     Cod-liver Oil

     Internally, a nutrient and a hepatic and pancreatic remedy. (Burnett.) Emaciation, lassitude, scrofulous diseases, rheumatic affections. ATROPHY OF INFANTS; emaciation with hot handle and head; restless and feverish at night. PAINS IN LIVER REGION. Tuberculosis in the beginning.

     Hoarseness. Sharp stitching pains. Burning spots. DRY, HACKING, TICKLING COUGH, especially at night. Whooping cough in miserable, scrofulous children. Here give drop doses, increasing daily one drop up to twelve, then descend in the same way (Dahlke). SORENESS THROUGH CHEST. Hemoptysis. (ACALYPHA; MILLE.) PALPITATION, accompanies other symptoms. YELLOWNESS. Children who cannot take milk.

     Aching in elbows and knees, in SACRUM. Chronic rheumatism, with rigid muscles and tendons. BURNING IN PALMS.

     Constantly chilly towards evening. HECTIC FEVER. Night-sweats.

     Compare: CHOLESTERINE; TUBERCUL; PHOSPH.; IOD. One litre of Ol. Jecoris contains 0.4 gram Iod. GADUS MORRHUA – Cod – (frequent breathing, with flapping of alae nasi; rush of blood to chest; pain in lungs and cough; dry heat in palms).

     First to third trituration. Locally in RING-WORM, and nightly rubbing, for dwarfish, emaciated babies.