Natural History.
     California Laurel

     Neuralgic headache, cervico-occipital pain, cerebrospinal meningitis, atonic diarrhoea, and intestinal colic.

     Dizziness; worse on stooping or moving. Head heavy, eyelids heavy, twitching. Intense aching, WITH PRESSURE AT INNER ANGLE OF EITHER ORBIT, generally left, extending through brain and across scalp to the base of the occiput; worse, light, noise; better, closing eyes and perfect quiet. Constant, dull ache in CERVICAL AND OCCIPITAL REGION, extending to scapula down spine, into the head; pain into the ears. Great heaviness of head, with constant desire to move the head, which does not relieve. Drooping eyelids. Twitching. Atonic diarrhoea.