Natural History.
      N. O. Pectinide. Trituration or tincture of the animal.

      Asthma, humid.

      Swan (Org., ii. 449), having learned "from a gentleman that every time he entered a room were scallops were being opened he had such a severe attack of asthma that he had to leave or suffocate." Potentised the Scallop, and used the preparation with success in similar cases.
      T. Franklin Smith (Ibid.) reports a case of humid asthma cured quickly and permanently with Pecten 1M. and c.m., characterized as follows: Quick, labored breathing, cannot lie flat or on left side, constriction of chest, especially right side.
      Attacks precede for two or three days by sneezing and excessive coryza, burning sensation in throat and chest, fullness of head, pulse very quick and wiry, subsequently copious expectoration of tough, stringy, and frothy mucus.
      Cough worse after six PM
      Symptoms worse at night.
      Arsen. did not relieve.