Natural History.
      Phlorizin. (A substance discovered in the fresh bark of the Apple, Pear, Cherry, and Plum.) C21H24O10.

      Herpes preputial.
      Intermittent fever.

      Phloriz. exists in fine, silky, four-sided, colorless needles, soluble in water.
      It has a bitter and slightly astringent taste, and has been used in old-school practice as a remedy for intermittent fever, and while being administered for this it has produced glycosuria.
      This observation has led to its successful use by homeopaths in cases of diabetes.
      Successes with the 3x and 6 have been reported.
      A patient to whom it was given by Burnett accused him of having given him a preparation of apples.
      The man discovered it because it produced herpes along the dorsum of the penis, an effect which invariably occurred whenever he ventured to eat apples.
      V. Mering. (H. W., xxiv. 535) produced glycosuria in dogs with Phlor., but if Syzyg. was given simultaneously with Phlor., no glycosuria appeared.