Picricum acidum

Natural History.
     Picric Acid) (Trinitrophenol

     Causes degeneration of the spinal cord, with paralysis. Brain-fag and sexual excitement. Acts upon the generative organs probably through the lumbar centers of the spinal cord; prostration, weakness and pain of back, pins and needle sensation in extremities. NEURASTHENIA. (OXAL-AC.) Muscular debility. Heavy tired feeling. Myelitis with spasms and prostration. Writer’s palsy. Progressive, pernicious anaemia. URAEMIA with complete anuria. A one per cent solution applied on lint, is the best application for burns until granulations begin to form. Sallow complexion.

     Lack of will-power; disinclined to work. Cerebral softening. Dementia with prostration, sits still and listens.

     Head pains; RELIEVED BY BANDAGING TIGHTLY. OCCIPITAL PAIN; worse, slightest mental exertion. Vertigo and noises in ear. Boils WITHIN ears and back of neck. After prolonged mental strain, with anxiety and dread of failure at examination. Brain fag.

     Chronic catarrhal conjunctivitis with copious, thick yellow discharge.

     Bitter taste. Aversion to food.

Urinary Organs.
     SCANTY; complete anuria. Dribbling micturition. Urine contains much indican, granular cylinders and fatty degenerated epithelium. Inflammation of kidneys with profound weakness, dark, bloody, scanty urine. Nightly urging.

     Emissions profuse, followed by great exhaustion, without sensual dreams. PRIAPISM; satyriasis. Hard erections, with pain in testicles and up cord. Prostatic hypertrophy, especially in cases not too far advanced.

     Pain in left ovary and leucorrhoea before menstruation. Pruritus vulvae.

     Burning along spine. GREAT WEAKNESS. TIRED, HEAVY FEELING ALL OVER BODY, ESPECIALLY LIMBS; WORSE, EXERTION. Feet cold. Cannot get warm. Acute ascending paralysis.

     WORSE, least exertion, especially mental, after sleep, wet weather. A summer or hot weather remedy; patient is worse then.

     BETTER, from cold air, cold water, tight pressure.

     Compare: OXAL-AC.; GELS.; PHOS.; SIL.; ARG. NIT. Compare: ZINC. PIC. (facial palsy and paralysis agitans); FERR. PIC. (buzzing in ears, deafness; chronic gout; epistaxis; prostatic troubles); CALC. PIC. (boils in and around ears).

     Sixth potency.