Pituitary gland

     Pituitary exercises a superior control over the growth and development of the sexual organs, stimulates muscular activity and overcomes uterine inertia. Its influence over un striped muscular fibre is marked. Cerebral hemorrhage. Will check hemorrhage and add absorption of clot. Uterine inertia in second stage of labor where os is fully dilated. High blood pressure, chronic nephritis, prostatitis. Ten drops after meals. (Dr. Geo. Fuller.) Vertigo, difficult mental concentration, confusion and fullness deep in frontal region. Use 30th potency.

     PITUTRIN – (Is a vasoconstrictor and parturient. Used chiefly for its action on the uterus either to aid in childbirth or to check bleeding after delivery. In doses of 1 c.c.m. intravenously to stimulate labor pains, expulsive period only. Contraindicated in myocarditis, nephritis and arteriosclerosis. A watery solution made from the posterior portion of the gland is put up in ampules containing about 15 minutes each and is considered the hypodermic dose. No effect per os.)