Natural History.
      Platanus acerifolia ("the tree commonly gown in and about London as P. occidentalis.
      Of Bot.).
      N.O. Platanaceae (of the Urtica alliance).
      Tincture of young shoots.


      Burnett has recorded (des.
      Of Skin) a case of ichthyosis in an aged lady, in which Platanus caused considerable improvement in the condition of the skin.
      Another case (Delicate Children) was that of a girl, 5 1/2, "of the coal-black variety of the strumous, her forehead low and projecting," who was blind from double cataract due to the shock of a fall in the first instance, the lenses having gradually silted up.
      In this case Platanus was given (five drops nigh and morning) for a number of months, "with very evident improvement in the nutrition of the child’s lenses."