Polygonum punctatum

Natural History.
     Smart weed

     Metrorrhagia, also Amenorrhoea in young girls. VARICOSIS; hemorrhoids and rectal pockets. Burning in stomach followed by feeling of coldness in the pit of the stomach.

     Griping pain, with great rumbling, nausea, and liquid faeces. FLATULENT COLIC.

     Interior of anus studded with itching eminence. HEMORRHOIDS. Liquid faeces.

Urinary Organs.
     Painful constriction at neck of bladder.

     Aching pains in hips and loins. SENSATION AS IF HIPS WERE BEING DRAWN TOGETHER. Sensation of weight and tension within pelvis. Shooting pains through breasts. Amenorrhoea.

     SUPERFICIAL ULCERS AND SORES ON LOWER EXTREMITIES, especially in females at climacteric.

     Compare: CARDUUS MAR. (ulcers); HAMAM.; SENECIO; POLYGONUM PERSICARIA (renal colic and calculi; GANGRENE); POLYGONUM SAGITTATUM – arrow-leaved. Tear-thumb – (2x for PAINS OF NEPHRITIC COLIC; suppurative nephritis; lancinating pains along spine; itching of hard palate; burning inner side of right foot and ankle. C.M. Boger); POLYGONUM AVICULARE – knot-grass – (in material doses of tincture, found useful in phthisis pulmonalis and intermittent fever, and especially in ARTERIOSCLEROSIS. Erythema).