Pothos foetidus

Natural History.

     For asthmatic complaints; worse from inhaling any dust. HYSTERIA. Erratic spasmodic pains. "Will-o’-the-wisp" like character of its subjective symptoms and its physometric property are special features. (Samuel Jones.) INFLATION AND TENSION IN THE ABDOMEN. Miller’s asthma.

     Absent-minded, irritable. Headache in SINGLE SPOTS, with VIOLENT PULSATION OF TEMPORAL ARTERIES. Outward drawing from glabella. Better in open air. (PULS.) Red swelling across the bridge of the nose.

     INFLATION AND TENSION in abdomen.

     Spasmodic croup. Troublesome respiration, with sudden feeling of anguish and sweat.
     Sneezing with pain in throat. Pain in chest, with difficult breathing. Tongue feels numb. ASTHMA; RELIEVED BY STOOL.

     Tincture and lower potencies.