Natural History.
     Picraena Excelsa

     Acts on gastric organs as a tonic. (GENTIAN; HYDR.) Seems to possess marked action on eyes, producing amblyopia and cataract. Pain in right intercostal muscles above the liver. Pressure and stitches in liver, and sympathetically in spleen.

     Atonic dyspepsia, with gas and acidity. Heartburn and gastralgia. Regurgitation of food. Abdomen feels empty and retracted. Dyspepsia after infectious diseases; especially grip, dysentery. Tongue dry or with brown sticky coating. Cirrhosis of liver with ascites.

Urinary Organs.
     Excessive desire – impossible to retain urine; copious micturition day and night. As soon as the child wakes up the bed is drenched.

     Inclination to yawn and stretch. (RHUS.) Sensation of coldness over back. Prostration, with hunger. Cold extremities, with sensation of internal coldness. (HELODERMA.)

     First to third potency, or spoonful doses of Aqua Quassia.