Ranunculus glacialis

Natural History.
      R. glacialis.
      Carlina or Cacline (mountaineers of Viq).
      N. O. Ranunculacee. Tincture of whole plant.

      Cerebellum, pain in.
      Thighs, sweat on.

      Dr. Codde, of Spoleto, proved the tincture, and 3rd and 9th dilutions of this plant.
      It produced an enormous weight in the head with vertigo and feeling as if apoplexy were impending, better by coffee, a right-sided early morning headache better by rising, dyspnoea worse lying down, and compression of chest, intolerance of weight of coverlet (the worse by touch and pressure of R. bulb.), coldness of thighs, general copious night-sweat, especially abundant on thighs.
      2. Head. Towards 9.30 AM, when walking in open air, enormous weight in head, vertigo, as if seized with incipient apoplexy, better with cafe au lait.
      Behind head in region of cerebellum, sense of tension.
      Just before day-break, headache, worse right side, ceased on getting up.

Respiratory Organs.
      When lying in bed breathing became difficult.

      On turning in bed, internal pain in infero-posterior chest.
      Compression in whole chest, evening.
      A little before midnight could not endure coverlet on chest.
      Stitches right chest.

      Sleeplessness at night.
      Broken sleep.

      Coldness, even on thighs.
      General and copious nocturnal sweat, worse on thighs.
      At daybreak, slight general sweat.