Natural History.
     Yellow Locust

     The remedy for hyperchlorhydria. In cases where albuminoid digestion is too rapid and starch digestion is perverted. The gastric symptoms with the most PRONOUNCED ACIDITY are well authenticated, and are the guiding symptoms. The acidity of Robinia is accompanied by frontal headache. INTENSELY ACRID ERUCTATIONS. Acrid and greenish vomiting, colic and flatulence, nightly burning pains in stomach and constipation with urgent desire. ACIDITY OF CHILDREN. Stools and perspiration sour. Incarcerated flatus.

     Dull, throbbing, frontal pain; worse, motion and reading. Gastric headache with acid vomiting.

     Dull, heavy aching. Nausea; sour eructations; profuse vomiting of an INTENSELY SOUR FLUID. (SULPH-AC.) Great distention of stomach and bowels. Flatulent colic. (CHAM.; DIOS.) Sour stools; child smells sour.

     Nymphomania. Acrid, fetid leucorrhoea. Discharge of blood between menstrual periods. Herpes on vagina and vulva.

     Third potency. Must be continued for a long time.