Salix nigra

Natural History.
      Salix nigra.
      Black Willow. N.O. Salicaceae. Tincture of fresh bark.


      The Black Willow of North America has a reputation as a purgative and febrifuge.
      A proving by E. D. Wright, who took half an ounce of the tincture in a day, is given in Allen’s Appendix. It developed soreness of muscles, a tired, sleepy state, loose bowels, sore gums, and fever.
      Sal. n. has been largely used by eclectics in a great variety of affections of the genito-urinary system.
      W. B. McCoy (Hom. News, xxviii. 72) relates a number of cases illustrating this action.
      (1) Man, 35, lost control of his sexual appetite, and the more he indulged the worse the craving became, and indulgence made him a physical wreck.
      Sal. n. ø, in teaspoonful doses thrice daily, cured in five weeks.
      (2) Youth, 23, had masturbated since he was a boy.
      Sal. n. ø, gtt.
      xx., four times a day, was given for a fortnight, the quantity being gradually diminished, until in a few weeks the young man was quite cured.
      (3) A teacher, 21, five years before had a spell of fever which left him with a tendency to seminal emissions, which had become very frequent, and had reduced him to a very low condition: Extremely thin, sallow, nervous, cold hands and feet even in heat of summer.
      Extremely cross and irritable.
      Sal. n. ø, gtt.
      1X. four times a day, was given, with speedy improvement.
      Later on the dose was reduced to thirty drops.
      The losses ceased, and in three months the patient had gained 41 pounds in weight.
      (4) A Negro, 53, had sexual desire but without ability, yet during the night he would have emissions without erections.
      Sal. n. ø, gtt. 1Xv., four times a day, cured in three weeks.
      McCoy also used Sal. n. successfully in gonorrhea, but other remedies were given as well.
      A decoction of the fresh bark has proved (H. R., xii. 447) a specific for excessive night-sweats in pulmonary cases.

      Compare: Con., Agn., Pic-ac. In gonorrhea, Salol, Petrosel.

      Skin on temples sore to touch.

      Gums sore.

Stool and Anus.
      Looseness of bowels.

      Muscles sore and lame.
      Disposition to lie down and sleep.

      Fever (2nd d.).