Sempervivum tectorum

Natural History.
     House leek

     Is recommended for herpes, zoster and CANCEROUS TUMORS. Scirrhous induration of tongue. Mammary carcinoma. Ringworm. Hemorrhoids.

     Malignant ulcers of mouth. Cancer of tongue. (GALIUM.) Tongue has ulcers; BLEED EASILY, especially at night; much soreness of tongue with STABBING pains. Whole mouth very tender.

     Erysipelatous affections. WARTS and corns. Aphthae. Flushed surface and stinging pains.

     Compare: SEDUM ACRE – small House leek – (scorbutic conditions; ulcers, intermittent fever). (GALIUM; KALI-CYANATE.) OXALIS ACETOSELLA – Wood sorrel – (The inspissated juice used as a cautery to remove cancerous growths of the lips). COTYLEDON. FICUS CARICA – (Fig) – The milky juice of the freshly broken stalk applied to warts; causes their disappearance.

     Tincture and 2 decimal, also fresh juice of plant. Locally for bites of insects, stings of bees, and poisoned wounds, WARTS.