Natural History.
     Comfrey – Knit bone

     The root contains a crystalline solid, that stimulates the growth of epithelium on ulcerated surfaces. It may be administered internally in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers. Also in gastralgia, and externally in pruritus ani. Injuries to sinews, tendons and the periosteum. Acts on joints generally. Neuralgia of knee.
     Of great use in wounds penetrating to perineum and bones, AND IN NON-UNION OF FRACTURES; irritable stump after amputation, irritable bone at point of fracture. Psoas abscess. PRICKING PAIN and soreness of periosteum.

     Pain in occiput, top and forehead; changing places. Pain comes down bone of nose. Inflammation of inferior maxillary bone, hard, red, swelling.

     PAIN IN EYE AFTER A BLOW OF AN OBTUSE BODY. For traumatic injuries of the eyes no remedy equals this.

     Compare: ARN.; CALC. PHOS.

     Tincture. Externally as a dressing for sores and ulcers and pruritus ani.