Trillium pendulum

Natural History.
     White Beth-root

     A general hemorrhagic medicine, WITH GREAT FAINTNESS and DIZZINESS. Chronic diarrhoea of bloody mucus. Uterine hemorrhage. Threatened abortion. RELAXATION OF PELVIC REGION. Cramp-like pains. Phthisis with purulent and copious expectoration and spitting of blood.

     Pain in forehead; worse, noise. Confused; eyeballs feel too large. Vision blurred; everything looks bluish. NOSEBLEED. (MILLE.; MELILOT.)

     Hemorrhage from gums. BLEEDING AFTER TOOTH EXTRACTION.

     Heat and burning stomach rising up in oesophagus. Hematemesis.

     Chronic diarrhoea; discharge bloody. Dysentery; passage almost pure blood.

     Uterine hemorrhages, WITH SENSATION AS THOUGH HIPS AND BACK WERE FALLING TO PIECES; BETTER TIGHT BANDAGES. Gushing of bright blood on least movement. Hemorrhage from fibroids. (CALC.; NIT-AC.; PHOS.; SULPH-AC.) Prolapse, with great bearing-down. Leucorrhoea copious, yellow, stringy. (HYDRAS.; KALI-B.; SABIN.) Metrorrhagia at climacteric. LOCHIA SUDDENLY BECOMES SANGUINOUS. Dribbling of urine after labor.

     Cough, with spitting of blood. Copious, purulent expectoration. Hemoptysis. Aching at end of sternum. Suffocative attack of irregular breathing with sneezing. Shooting pains through chest.

     Compare: TRILLIUM CERNUUM (eye symptoms), everything looks bluish; greasy feeling in mouth); FICUS (hemorrhages; menorrhagia, hematuria, epistaxis, hematemesis, bleeding piles); SANGUISUGA – Leech – (hemorrhages; bleeding from anus). IPEC.; SAB.; LACH.; HAMAM.

     Tincture and lower potencies.