Natural History.
     Agropyron Repens

     An excellent remedy in excessive irritability of the bladder, dysuria, cystitis, gonorrhea.

     Always blowing nose.

Urinary Organs.
     Frequent, DIFFICULT, and painful urination. (POP.) Gravelly deposits. Catarrhal and purulent discharges. (PAREIRA.) Strangury, pyelitis; enlarged prostate. Chronic cystic irritability. Incontinence; constant desire. Urine is dense and causes irritation of the mucous surfaces.

     Compare: TRADESCANTIA; (Hemorrhage from ear and upper air passages; painful urination, urethral discharge; scrotum inflamed). CHIMAPH.; SENECIO; POPULUS TREM.; BUCHU; UVA.
     POLYTRICHUM JUNIPERINUM – Ground Moss – (Painful urination of old people; dropsy, urinary obstruction and suppression).

     Tincture or infusion by boiling two ounces in a quart of water until it is reduce to a pint. To be taken in four doses in 24 hours.