Tuberculinum aviaire

Natural History.
      A preparation of chicken-tuberculosis introduced by Dr. Cartier and other homeopaths of Paris.

      Influenza Measles. Phthisis.

      Dr. Cartier gave an account of this nosode in his paper read at the International Homeopathic Congress, 1896 (Transactions, Part "Essays and Communications, " p. 187).
      Aviaire acts most prominently on the apices of the lungs, and it corresponds most closely to the bronchitis of influenza, which simulates tuberculosis, having cured several hopeless-looking cases.
      It has also done excellently in some cases of bronchitis following measles.
      The bacillus of avian tuberculosis has been identified with that of human tuberculosis, but the clinical properties of the two nosodes are not identical.

      Compare: Bac., Bac-t., Tub., Ars-i.