Veratrum nigrum

Natural History.
      Veratrum nigrum.
      Dark-flowered Veratrum. N.O. Melanthacae. Tincture of fresh leaves and succulent flower-stalks.

      Menstruation, protracted.
      Tinnitus aurium.

      Cooper has given me a few observations with Ver. nig., which I have arranged in Schema form. The plant, he says, has much the same botanical characters as Ver. alb., but the flowers are dark-colored.
      It is native to Austria and Siberia.

      Constant headache when attempting to move or exert the brain (cured).
      Fierce headache threatening acute mania (cured).

      Constant buzzing of left ear for two weeks with tenderness of meatus and intense sensitiveness of the head to the motion of an omnibus with beclouding of the brain, can hardly tell which instrument to take up (in his work as a dentist), and pain in nape of neck (agg.).

Female Sexual Organs.
      Period continually returning, sometimes light-colored and slight in quantity, and sometimes profuse, with weak feeling in back.