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Member Spotlight: Renita Hermann CCH, RSHom(NA), MS

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1.) How did you discover homeopathy and NCH?
While leafing through a magazine on health one day, I came upon an ad for the Institute of Classical Homeopathy. Although I received my M.S. in Health (high honors) I did NOT understand homeopathy. I figured I'd go to the second (I missed the first) class here in San Francisco. I was hooked. It made so much sense. It was the hardest thing I ever did (and believe me, I've done some pretty difficult things in my life!). I had used homeopathy on my infant son, which most of us probably have, with Hyland's Teething Tablets. Then, emboldened, I gave him a dose of Calcarea Carbonica and presto! his feet never smelled again. I still can't believe at 6 months old, his feet smelled that bad! Once I progressed through a few years, I came upon Homeopathy Today and was hooked. One of my fellow students had some old issues, and we scarfed up all the articles.

2.) What made you want to become a practitioner?
There was never a question - I was fascinated by the capability of homeopathy to do ANYTHING. It was never a question about whether homeopathy could help a particular problem, it was only the experience of the homeopath that made the difference. Family and friends were my guinea pigs till I got my feet under me. When I graduated, I imagined helping those less fortunate with whatever I could, and the mobile health van from Mission Neighborhood Health Center in San Francisco got me in the door. As I practiced my craft, I became more amazed than ever. The science and art were awe-inspiring, I was learning from my clients and my knowledge growing by leaps and bounds.

3.) Are you involved with homeopathy in other capacities? 
In the last 7 years, I've been a Board Member with IM4US (Integrative Medicine for the Underserved). I am coming to my term limit and will step down next summer. It's been an amazing experience, and I intend on continuing to volunteer as a homeopath, now that I've retired from my 'career' ( a B777 captain). Many a fellow crewmember has received Arsenicum or Phosphorus from me for 'Delhi Belly,' our term for tourists (usually in New Delhi!). My dog and my plants are also benefiting from my love of homeopathy, and family and friends have a variety of kits I've made for their use, stocked with essentials for their particular needs. 

Some friends called me one evening at my place in Mendocino County; it seemed their dachshunds had gotten into the compost while chasing rodents. They were lying lifeless, drooling on their beds. I came over, prior to their kit being made, and gave them Cuprum Sulph. My friends asked what I expected to happen. Explaining they'd probably get up, shake themselves a bit, wag their tails, and go get a drink of water, no sooner than the words were out of my mouth, than they both got up within seconds of each other, and did just that. How can you not love this medicine?

4.) Why would you encourage someone to join NCH?
In any career, business, hobby, trade, or craft, you need others around you as a sounding board. No one is knowledgeable about everything. I've found, having 3 sisters, that invariably when I miss something, one of them will happily help me out. This is true in homeopathy more than anything else I've experienced. Working in clinics or shelters, I often brought in other homeopaths, and even when they hadn't had the experience or training I'd had, they always taught me things, every one of them. I see my fellow homeopaths as others with whom I can share my thoughts and questions, and the NCH supplies those peers. I love the conferences I've attended, loved presenting, and read every Homeopathy Today from cover to cover! Things that might never be on my radar can be brought forward by friends and colleagues at the NCH. It's worth every penny!