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My Mother's Footsteps - Becoming Fluent in Homeopathy

My Mother's Footsteps - Becoming Fluent in Homeopathy
Speaker: Tim Dooley, ND MD

Date: Saturday, April 9, 2016
Time: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

 Credits: TBD
Recorded Session

Session Description:

When I was a small child my mother told me to wait next to the escalator in a department store while she ran a quick errand. I waited as she raced off across the store. Unfortunately she was delayed and I waited a long time.  After what seemed an eternity, amidst all the voices and noises, I heard her footsteps coming from far across the store. I knew it was her. I knew by her steps she was anxious for my welfare. I turned and looked and, sure enough, she appeared.

Prior to that moment I did not know that I knew the sound of my mother’s footsteps and to this day I could not adequately describe them to another person. We face a similar dilemma in homeopathy. We study the reflections of shadows of substances through the symptoms of others and use it to cure patients. It is actually much like learning a foreign language and our proficiency is much like fluency in that language.

In this presentation I will be discussing a wide range of subjects involving learning, differing approaches to different patients, demonstrative cases, discussion of relevant materia medica, lifestyle versus homeopathic cases, and more.


About the Speaker:

Dr. Tim Dooley is both a naturopathic physician and medical doctor who practices homeopathy. He initially attended National College of Naturopathic Medicine because, at that time (1974), it was the only medical institution in the United States that taught homeopathy as part of its curriculum.  After practicing for a number of years as a licensed naturopath in Oregon, he went back and also became a medical doctor.

In the course of his career Dr. Dooley has run a home birth program, been director of a hospital emergency room, instructed at naturopathic college, and done international service work in both Mexico and India. 

He is author of Homeopathy Beyond Flat Earth Medicine (an introductory book for patients and students), has written many articles in Homeopathy Today, and intermittently given talks and webinars.

Of all his training and experiences Dr. Dooley is most proud of simply being a homeopath, part of a chain of practitioners of rational medicine dating back to a great man, Samuel Hahnemann.