Nanoparticle-conjugated animal venom-toxins and their possible therapeutic potential

Biswas A, Gomes A, Sengupta J, et al. Nanoparticle-conjugated animal venom-toxins and their possible therapeutic potential. Journal of venom research. 2012;3:15-21.

Nano-medical approaches to develop drugs have attracted much attention in different arenas to design nanoparticle conjugates for better efficacy of the potential bio-molecules. A group of promising candidates of this category would be venom-toxins of animal origin of potential medicinal value. Traditional systems of medicine as well as folklores mention the use of venom-toxins for the treatment of various diseases. Research has led to scientific validation of medicinal applications of venoms-toxins and many active constituents derived from venoms-toxins are already in clinical use or under clinical trial. Nanomedicine is an emerging field of medicine where nanotechnology is used to develop molecules of nano-scale dimension, so that these molecules can be taken up by the cells more easily and have better efficacy, as compared to large molecules that may tend to get eliminated. This review will focus on some of the potential venoms and toxins along withnanoparticle conjugated venom-toxins of snakes, amphibians, scorpions and bees, etc., forpossible therapeutic clues against emerging diseases.