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NCH Committee Descriptions

NCH is govered by a volunteer Board of Directors and this Board is supported by a variety of committees. Committees are responsible for helping to direct and implement the strategic direction of the organization, set forth by the Board of Directors. The skills, attributes, and time committments required vary by committee. 

NCH is currently seeking additional members for the following committees:

Conference Committee


To provide programming ideas, suggest and recruit potential speakers, assist with planned activities on site, and help plan the Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC).



· Members with years of experience in the homeopathic branch of their healing profession, who know the voices people want to hear and have access to popular presenters. 

· Student members active in their school/college and alumni active in their alumni organization who are eager to reach out to others and encourage them to attend the conference. 

· Members with experience in developing marketing materials, inluding websites, advertising copy, presentation slides, etc.

· Members with a large social media following who can assist with social media campaigns and promotions.

· Members who love homeopathy and are excited to volunteer in person at our non-profit, charitable conference.


· Be a current NCH Member at all times during your volunteer tenure.

· Attend monthly conference committee Zoom meetings (held at 12:00pm ET on the last Thursday of the month)

· Respond to email communications in a timelt manner

· Provide updates to the committee chair on the progress of assigned tasks according to the developed timeline

· Support the event by registering as a paid attendee for no less than two consecutive days (Fri & Sat or Sat & Sun).

· Volunteer onsite at the conference for at least 5 hours throughout the weekend to assist the NCH team and board of directors in the running of the event.

Communications Committee


To develop and provide branding of NCH, keeping messaging consistent, translating of research materials, and providing newsworthy website up dates.


· Contribute expertise to assist staff in establishing organizational marketing, branding and communication plans and initiatives.

· Build on current brand and develop creative market outreach programs that will drive new supporters and partnerships to align with the NCH mission.

· Advise staff on strategies and development for various marketing communications channels and web presences including, electronic/social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), newsletter, public relations, website and printed collateral.

· Maintain and build relationships with key industry partners and members of the press in conjunction with staff efforts.

· Assist in crafting responses to media or other organizations on behalf of NCH in response to requests received.

Education Committee


To guide and contribute to the educational content of NCH’s programming, including consumer educational materials, monthly webinars, e- newsletter, web content, and blog content and special projects. To help sustain NCH as the go-to resource for homeopathic information.


· Evaluate educational needs at various member levels (individual, professional and organizational).

· Review current educational offerings and update as needed.

· Liaise with other committees for overlapping education related projects.

Fundraising Committee


To ensure best practices in fundraising by staff and board that support the ongoing sustainability of the organization; strategize, implement and support fundraising activities for NCH.


· Review all previous year fundraising activity and make recommendations for improvements.

· Jointly with staff, develop a fundraising plan that is approved by the Board and maintain a fundraising calendar.

· Analyze relationships with current and prospective major donors, sponsors and funders and develop strategies to strengthen those relationships.

· Determine board fundraising expectations and goals; provide guidance for board members on meeting individual and major fundraising goals, track progress toward fundraising goals.

· Help support a culture of fundraising throughout the organization.

Membership Committee


To advocate for and address the needs of NCH members by ensuring that membership composition, representation and structure aligns with the mission, vision and needs of NCH.


· Review membership levels, benefits and dues structure

Recommend revisions to the NCH Board of Directors

· Reach out to the NCH community at large to solicit ideas regarding:

Enhancement of existing membership benefits

Suggestions for new membership benefits

· Recommend new projects to NCH Board of Directors for:

Marketing and promotions to increase membership

Publications Committee


To ensure that all printed or electronic materials sent out by NCH are of the highest standard, including correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistent format.


· Review bi-weekly newsletter.

· Review Homeopathy Today.

· Review annual meeting program.

· Provide a board committee liaison to the editor of Homeopathy Today.

· Coordinate with NCH staff and NCH committees to ensure consistency in all printed and electronic releases representing NCH.

· Review and liaise with task related committees on all published materials to ensure the accuracy and integrity of all NCH documents.

Public Policy Committee


To closely monitor Congressional and regulatory activity on homeopathy-related issues to analyze their impact and take action as needed to en sure that homeopathy as a healthcare option is accessible to all.


· Advocate for continued access to and use of homeopathic products and services.

· Participate in the national healthcare dialogue creating an understanding that homeopathy is a safe, effective, affordable healthcare solution.

· Monitor and analyze federal budget recommendations related to healthcare.

· Monitor national healthcare legislation.

· Prepare responses to congressional offices and regulatory agencies stating NCH’s position on proposed or pending legislation and/or regulations.

· Identify needs for education and training on the federal legislative and regulatory processes.

· Alert members to legislative and regulatory issues of concern and suggested action.

· Coordinate with other homeopathic and integrative health organizations to bring a unified voice to national healthcare policy regarding integrative health.

Website Committee


To monitor the content on the NCH website to make sure it is current and relevant. Explores new initiatives and strategies, and receives and reviews suggestions for changes and improvements.


- Create an online knowledgebase for people to use answering basic questions about homeopathy – FAQ section of website

- Update website and database platform to support educational efforts.


All committee members must be NCH members.

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