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NCH Project Opportunities

NCH has a variety of ongoing projects that allow you to engage throughout the year as your schedule permits. Customize your volunteer experience based on your interests and schedule. To get involved in any of these projects, complete the NCH Volunteer Application Form.

Be an NCH Webinar Speaker

NCH hosts a webinar each month. The topics vary from introductory basics for beginners to advanced case approaches for practitioners. Volunteer opportunities for this project are as follows:

  • Brainstorm content topics

  • Recruit speakers

  • Draft marketing copy 

**We are currently seeking webinar speakers for our 2019 calendar. Webinars are held once a month, at 8pm ET, and run one hour. Based on feedback we received from our recent community survey, we’re now looking for webinar speakers for the following topics:
  • colic
  • preparing for back to school/remedies to have on hand
  • remedies for aging/the elderly
  • preparing for/recovering from surgery (planned or unplanned surgeries)
  • when to treat at home and when to make the decision to see a professional
  • allergies
So, if any of these topics sound interesting to you, or if you enjoy teaching people about how to use homeopathy at home, consider being a webinar speaker for 2015. No previous webinar experience required – NCH staff will get you set up and ready to go. Please email Deb Dupnik at if you’re interested or want additional information.

Homeopathic Case Quizzes

Have you seen our homeopathic “case quizzes” in our newsletter or on our Facebook page? The homeopathic community loves these quizzes - and loves to offer up their guesses for the answers! We're always in need of new quizzes - and new authors for them. The quizzes are usually fairly short, describe a case/symptoms, and then ask our readers what the remedy would be for that case. You can see some examples of previous quizzes here: Volunteer opportunities for this project are as follows:

  • Draft case quizzes

  • Recruit others to draft case quizzes

Homeopathy Today Magazine

The NCH quarterly magazine Homeopathy Today is filled with articles written by some of today’s most prominent homeopaths. We are always looking for new authors and ideas for content. Volunteer opportunities for this project are as follows:

  • Draft an article for the magazine. See article submission guidelines.
  • Brainstorm content topics and recruit authors
  • Assist in content editing process


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Other Volunteer Opportunities

Share 'Your Homeopathy Story'

We LOVE to hear from the community about how you are using homeopathy at home. You don't need to be a professional homeopath (or writer) to submit your story. Just excited enough to tell it! Submit your story and read recent submissions from the community.