New chitin complexes and their anti-aging activity from inside out

Morganti P, Fabrizi G, Palombo P, Palombo M, Guarneri F, Cardillo A, et al. New chitin complexes and their anti-aging activity from inside out. Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging 2012;16:242–5.



Nutritional and topical antioxidants and immuno-modulant compounds play a key role in maintaining healthy skin. However, little is known about the combined effects antioxidant cosmeceuticals and nutricosmetics can have on the appearance of aging skin.


The clinical trial was designed to study the combined effects on skin hydration, superficial lipids, elasticity, peroxidation and global clinical appearance, of melatonin, Vit. E and Betaglucan (MEB) complexed with chitin nano-crystals administered both topically and orally. Clinical examinations were conducted by dermatologists.


By a randomized placebo-controlled, 12 week multicenter study on 70 healthy subjects, affected with skin photo-aging, the anti-agingefficacy and tolerability of the combined activity of topical emulsion and oral hard capsules, containing MEB complexed with chitin nano-crystals (CN) was evaluated clinically and by biophysical non-invasive measurements at week 4,8 and 12.


The effects of MEB intake resulted significantly higher (p<0.005) than placebo for all the parameters evaluated by biophysical and clinical measurements. The values resulted higher when the active ingredients MEB were complexed with CN, whether used topically, orally or a combination of both (p<0.05). The positive results, observed since week 4, were accompanied by no side-effects throughout the entire study.


The combined topical and oral use of MEB was associated with reduced wrinkling, better skin appearance and general overall wellness. When MEB were complexed with CN, the obtained results were statistically more positive (p<0.05) for all the biophysical and clinical parameters considered.